A Leap forward in High Capacity Wireless Transmission Solutions

Breakthroughs Propel Network Efficiency, Growth, New Architectures & Business Models

Collinear Networks is pioneering ultra-high capacity wireless to enable 5G and the escalating convergence of fixed, mobile and WiFi broadband.

We are innovating to change the economics and efficiency of wireless capacity and fill the mobile data capacity gap.

Advances across traffic management, speed, distance, and form factor will render the scale, flexibility and elasticity to meet the demands of traffic diversification and high volume data growth.

Collinear aids communications service providers on their path to new architectures, virtualization, and expansion of services via new business models.

Propel Migration to Intelligent Software Driven Networks

The mobile infrastructure landscape is evolving like never before as dependence on the underlying network increases exponentially. Current network technologies and architectures struggle to satisfy the demand for data growth.

Smart phones, applications and high definition video usage continue to explode. Enterprises are moving to a hybrid cloud strategy. IoT promises a multitude of devices becoming smart and connected. Big data demands more connectivity to collect and analyze data to automate manual processes.

Proliferating traffic types plus data growth demands networks with higher capacity, lower cost, and improved flexibility. The evolution to 5G and new network architectures, new business models and expanded services require support for SDN/NFV, infrastructure sharing, network slicing, and multi-tenancy.

Under an exclusive worldwide licensing and development agreement, Collinear and Lockheed Martin Space Systems are commercializing advanced technology developed and proven in specialized government applications. This technology enables multiple firsts that advance the capacity and economics of wireless connectivity.

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Our team of entrepreneurs, inventors, technologists, and global business thinkers are applying advanced technology with fresh eyes and new ideas to develop solutions that propel the new vision of a connected world. We are looking for talented and motivated thinkers to join us on our mission.

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